We stock a range of high performance GRP moulded gratings, flooring and anti-slip surfaces suitable for the most aggressive industrial environments. The advanced properties of GRP include corrosion resistance, incredible strength and durability, ease of installation and zero maintenance. Our anti-slip product range mitigates the risk of slips and falls, and meets relevant Health & Safety standards. Lightweight and impact resistant, our grating and flooring systems can be easily installed onsite. Our competitive pricing enables us to offer a direct alternative to galvanised steel and aluminium.

Manufactured from glass reinforced polyester resin.

  • GRP grated panels
  • GRP gritted flat sheets
  • GRP stair treads
  • GRP solid top grating
  • M and C clips
Green Standard Grating
38mm Standard Grating
GRP Grating & Flooring
38mmx38mm mesh with 32mm*32mm open hole
Panel Thickness Weight kg per panel Panel Size Available Colour
38mm 38 2026mm x 1035mm Grey/Green
38mm 57 3017mm x 1035mm Grey/Green
38mm 85 3660mm x 1220mm Grey/Green
25mm 37 3017mm x 1035mm Grey/Green
25mm 25 2026mm x 1035mm Grey/Green
25mm 55 3660mm x 1220mm Grey/Green
50mmx50mm mesh with 42mm*42mm open hole
Panel Thickness Weight kg per panel Panel Size Available Colour
50mm 90 3660mm x 1220mm Grey/Green
12mm 22.5 3660mm x 1220mm Grey/Green

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A solid grp sheet is bonded to the grp open mesh moulded GRP grating during the manufacture process. We do not normally have the solid top grating panels in stock but they are available on a short lead time of 5-7 days.

53mm Solid Top Grating
50mm x 50mm mesh with 42mm*42mm open grid underneath
Panel Thickness mm Weight Kg/Panel Panel Size Available Colour
50mm 143 3660mm x 1220mm Grey
GRP Moulded Stair Treads
GRP Fence

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Stair treads have a different loading pattern to normal grating so Engineered Composites supplies from stock a special type of moulded grating designed for use as a tread or for the step-off point at the edge of a platform or walkway. The grating is a rectangular mesh to give additional strength across the width of the stair tread. It also includes a heavy nosing to carry the edge loading on the tread and to give extra grip. All these beneficial features means the stair treads meet all the requirements of BS4592.

The grating panel is 3660mm x 572mm wide with a nosing section on both long edges. This allows two treads widths to be cut from the panel at lengths to match the stair width.

Thickness mm Mesh Size mm x mm Panel Size mm x mm Colour Weight kg per panel Surface
38 25 x 100 3660 x 572mm Grey & Green 35 gritted anti-slip
Mini Mesh

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38mmx38mm mesh with 14mm*14mm open hole
Thickness mm Weight kg per panel Panel Size Available Colour
38mm 119 4047mm x 1247mm Grey
30mm 84 4047mm x 1247mm Grey
14mm 50 4047mm x 1247mm Grey
Dished Washer- 45mm outer diameter, 8.38mm inner diameter
M Clips for 38mm and 25mm Grating
C Clips for 25mm and 38mm Grating

Our GRP grating, anti-slip and flooring systems comply with relevant UK and Europe standards. All our GRP grating, anti-slip systems and flooring are fire retardant to ASTM E 84. We also adhere to the BS EN ISO 14122 Permanent Means of Access to Industrial Equipment and BS 4592 Industrial Flooring, Walkways and Stair Treads regulations.

GRP grating and flooring systems can be easily cut to shape, enabling installations to be completed quickly, even for the most complex schematics. Our products can be made to order in other resin systems, including vinyl ester for the ultimate corrosion and fire resistance.

Grating walkway for Urban Splash development
Grating walkway for Urban Splash development
Grating used in a car plant
Grating used in a car plant
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