We stock a standard, fibre glass handrail system that offers incredible durability and is easy to fabricate and install. Robust and sturdy, our standard handrails outperform metallic and timber alternatives due to GRP’s high strength-to-weight ratio and low installation and maintenance costs.

Our standard handrail system consists of four profiles which are available in 6 metre lengths. The handrail is easy to make by drilling a 38mm hole into the box sections for the tube to be inserted for the knee rail. The handrail profile sits on top and the toe rail at the base. The handrail system meets all the requirements of BS4592:0 2006+A1 2012 Industrial Flooring, Stairs and Handrails for Heavy Duty (0.74kN/m).

  • High strength and stability
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • No recycle value

Available in stock NOW

Dimensions mm Weight kg/m Colour
Handrail profile 76 x 50 1.47 Grey & Yellow
Knee rail tube 38od x 32 id 0.62 Grey & Yellow
Knee rail tube 31od x 25 id 0.54 Grey & Yellow
Toe rail (Kick plate) 150 x 3 1.30 Grey & Yellow

Pultruded Handrail Profiles Made To Order

Please note that the minimum order is 500m and production typically takes between 12-14 weeks.

Handrail Profiles

Dimensions mm Weight kg/m
Handrail profile 70×60 (fits 51mm box stanchion) 1.47
61×61 (fits 60mm box stanchion 1.53
Knee rail tube 32od x 28 id 0.35
Toe rail (Kick plate) 110×18.5×3.5 (E Shape) 1.01
150x15x3 (cavity) 1.45
101x15x3.6 (W shape) 0.85

Available in stock NOW

Side (b1) mm Side (b2) mm Thickness (t) mm Weight kg/m Colour
51 51 6.35 2.17 Grey & Yellow
2 Hole 51 Box Feet
3 Hole 51 Box Feet 2
51 Box Base Feet 2 Hole Grey
51 Box Base Feet 3 Hole Grey
51 Box Base Feet 3 Hole Grey
Handrail End Cap

Independently tested by the Engineering Department at Lancaster University, our standard handrail system meets the requirements of BS4592:0 2006+A1 2012 Industrial Flooring, Stairs and Handrails for Heavy Duty (0.74kN/m). Our standard GRP handrail system exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, fresh and salt water, ethylene glycol, petrol and other fuel oils. It is not recommended for extensive exposure to acids and alkalis.

– 6m lengths
– GRP handrail profile: 76x50mm
– GRP box profile: 51x51x6.35mm
– GRP tube profile: 38/32mm or 31/25mm
– GRP toe rail profile: 150x15x3mm

– Yellow
– Steel grey

Southends Tower
Southends Tower
Long run of GRP handrail
Long run of handrail
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