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Proven GRP Formulation

Engineered Composites has worked closely with suppliers to develop a market-leading GRP formulation. By stipulating the exact materials used to form each GRP component, we can offer an assurance of our products’ advanced technical performance.

ISO9001 Suppliers

We only source high quality GRP products from ISO9001 accredited suppliers and all orders are manufactured to our exacting standards and specifications.

Environmental Advantages

GRP profiles and rebar are seen as having a lower through-life environmental impact than their steel equivalents. The production of GRP has a lower energy requirement than steel and, due to its significantly lower weight, can be transported at a lower cost. Fewer chemicals are required for structural maintenance and, due to its ability to resist corrosion, it offers long service life.

Regulatory Compliance

Our products comply with the following standards:

Southends Tower
Engineered Composites
Engineered Composites
Product Standards
Pultruded Profiles
  • EN13706 – 2 Reinforced Plastic Composites, specifications for pultruded profiles.
GRP Flooring & Grating GRP Handrails
  • BS4592:0 2006+A1 2012 Industrial Flooring, Stairs and Handrails for General Duty (0.36kN/m) and Heavy Duty (0.74kN/M)
  • BS ENISO 141 22 Safety Of Machinery: Permanent Means of Access to Machinery
DECK500 Interlocking GRP Flooring
  • BS4592 Industrial Type Flooring, Walkways and Stair Treads
  • BS4592-4 Industrial Type Flooring, Walkways and Stair Treads
  • BS4592-5 Solid Plates in Metal and GRP
  • BS ENISO 14122-2 Safety Of Machinery: Permanent Means of Access to Machinery
GRP Rebar
  • EN14889-2 – Fibres for concrete. Polymer fibres. Definitions, specifications and conformity

Engineered Composites specialises in the supply of high quality, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant GRP pultruded products to a host of diverse sectors.